Laknavaram Lake

Laknavaram Lake is situated in Mulugu district about 90 km from warangal, 30 KM from Ramappa Temple, 7 km from Govindaraopet and 5 km from Chalvai. Tourists coming from Warangal direction has to take the NH 163 road towards Mulugu. After crossing mulugu, drive 8 km you willget Chalvai before starting please take right direction into the thick forest to reach this place. The green hills of Govindaraopet agency mandal lie side by side to form a massive bowl like structure which holds the spacious, beautiful and pristine lake popular known as ‘Laknavaram Cheruvu’.

It is spread over an area of 10,000 acres and holds about 2.135 tmcft of water. It irrigates over 3,500 acres of land. It was build by Kakatiya kings. It has about 13 islands in it and has a 160 metres long hanging bridge, which connects three islands and situated in the dense forests of Warangal district is home to a lake view resort which has excellent amenities. Revelers frequent this place during weekends and especially during peak monsoon season, the water body attracts tourists in large numbers.

Hire boats – these take you to the rear extremes of the lake. It is more likely that you find peace of mind here than nearer to the entrance. Kayaking is an option, as is bird watching. Flocks of migratory birds can be spotted while relaxing in Laknavaram.
These birds put your camera to good use as you capture them in flocks and in flight around the glistening water at dusk. Monkeys are not just frequent visitors but almost permanent residents of Laknavaram and as always, they are amusing to be around
If Laknavaram by itself does not cut it for you, you can go ahead and do some exploring of the trekking trails around the lake. This detour will take you to small waterfalls fed by the lake. You can even walk up to the source of the lake or drive through the marshland that exists beyond the gushing river that you will find close by.

The heat of the summer months see to it that some of the islands dry up; this is no cause for worry as they almost never all dry up at the same time. In fact, while kayaking here, you can either go for long distances at time and cover the length and breadth of the lake or paddle from island to island like an explorer.
Laknavaram is most beautiful during the monsoons when the lake is replenished and the islands emerge refreshed. Between October and March would be the best time to visit. While here, it is also an interesting experience to watch as the ancient gates of the dam (constructed in the Kakatiya era) are opened for the release of water.

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